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Healthy Homes WoF

Ensuring RTA and HHS compliance is stress-free for Property Managers and their Landlords. Priced from $169+GST*

*Contact us for Industry pricing


Finally, a way to leave compliance headaches behind.

Each year we’ll provide you with a Healthy Homes inspection, 13A documentation, inspection reports and a smoke alarm test complete with replacements*.

This takes the stress out of insurance, tribunal and maintenance requirements, all at once.

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Insulation check

Heating check

Ventilation check

Smoke alarm check

Draught stopping check

Moisture & drainage check

Reports & multiple quotes

Product Features
Standard WoF
Premium WoF
Smoke alarm testing and replacement*
Ceiling insulation check
Underfloor insulation check
All kitchen extraction unit(s) check
All bathroom extraction unit(s) check
Ventilation check
Draught stopping check
Moisture and drainage check
Heating standard check
Report (incl. photos) in PDF format and online
Multiple quotes for identified maintenance from independent vetted contractors
Updated 13a (1CA) certificate
Heat loss calculation

Terms & conditions apply.

*Replacement of existing alarms required for compliance is included in annual subscription. New smoke alarm installations and replacements supplementary to compliance are conducted on-site for $40+GST.

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Frequently asked questions:

How do you make money?

We sell the WoF close to cost price, so it is accessible and keeps more homes healthy. To help us grow and support new areas, we add a small commission (usually between 10-20%) to the obligation-free maintenance quotes we provide. This doesn’t make our quotes less competitive, as we pay wholesale rates and gather quoting parameters ourselves, saving contractors time.

Do you update my 13A after completing compliance work?

Yes, this is free of charge if Warm Fuzzies complete the compliance work, otherwise there is a small administration fee of $35 + GST if the work is completed through a job we didn't quote.

Can't I do this myself?

You absolutely can. However, keeping up with regular inspections is a job that often ends up in the “too hard basket” and is tedious to keep up with on your own. The Healthy Homes WoF was created to make sure those things get done, so our houses stay safe.

Is there a minimum sign-up period?

Not at all! A subscription lasts a year, but there is no minimum number of years to sign up for.

A seamless process

We've worked hard to make achieving a healthy home stress-free and convenient.



Chat with a team member or complete the online form to start the inspection and upgrade process.



We will arrange a time with your tenant(s) to carry out the inspection.



You will receive a report  detailing your compliance status, photo evidence, and quotes from multiple contractors to complete the work required to give your rental property the Healthy Homes Standards tick. 



Once you confirm your quote(s) for work needed, we will manage this part of the process for you also.

When completed to standards, you will receive a  compliance certificate.

Why choose us?


We work alongside trusted and reliable Contractors across New Zealand to deliver multiple quotes for you to choose from so you get the most suitable and best outcome.


We handle all areas of the Healthy Homes Standards to ensure your home is compliant, and your tenant(s) are warm and safe - with just one independent inspection. 


We provide a wide range of products across great brands to suit your needs. All products comply with RTA Standards, and have NZ parts and service available. 

You guys are great to deal with. You are making my life so much easier.

Mary, Property Manager

Contact us

Want to learn more about the Healthy Homes WoF? Reach out and we'll provide you with any information you need, or help you get started on the platform.

Thanks for reaching out. We will be in touch shortly.


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Ready to leave stress about Healthy Homes compliance behind? Sign up for the Healthy Homes WoF today.

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