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we help you keep your property healthy and warm for tenants

As a landlord or property manager it is your responsibility to ensure your home is aligned with the Healthy Homes Standards so the tenant(s) are comfortable and safe.

We provide a number of services to help you with this. Get in touch if you are a property manager for special rates.



We offer end to end project management  of your portfolio. That means we organise everything from inspection timeframes through to arranging contractors to complete all remedial works . 


Needing to know where your portfolio is at is really important for time poor property managers. We will provide you with a portfolio status report showing you details on each property; whether it has been inspected, what passed or failed and which properties have remedial works in progress.

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We offer full inspections ($220 + GST) for the Healthy Homes Standards. You will receive a report detailing your property condition, area measurements, photos, and work needed with associated quotes.


Your report will come with a range of quotes for any work needed. We sources these quotes from multiple contractors across New Zealand to help you find products and prices that best suits you.


financial support

There is a lot of financial support from various parties, which will help reduce your financial burden for home upgrades. We can help you find out which you are eligible for and guide you through the process.

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Your bank may allow a mortgage top up for rental property upgrades like insulation - generally cheaper than other finance options. e.g. ANZ's Healthy Home Loan Package offers an interest-free home loan top up for 4 years, of up to $5,000.

For more, check with your mortgage lender.


Q Card and Q Mastercard allows you buy important items now, with a 12 Months Interest-Free Payment Holiday with a minimum of $999.


Terms and conditions apply.

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convenient reporting

We provide reporting across your portfolio, to help you keep on top of your portfolio.

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